2013 IES

The 2013 IES is Saturday, November 9

Join us for the 2013 IES at Drake Olmsted Center. Schedule of classes include:

10:00am to 11:00am sessions:

1. How to write a business plan?

2. Identify Theft Prevention for business and individual

3. Business permits and license

4. Tax structure is the key to business survival  ( Spanish)

5. How to sustain your business and create a legacy?  

11:00am to 12:00am sessions:

1. Is your business ready to expand? 

2. Business information reporting to IRS – do it right from day one

3. How to jump start a business?

4. Marketing your business to the next step ( Spanish)

5. Lowing my fee – is this the only way to grow business?

2:00pm – 3:00pm sessions:

1. How does the Affordable Care Act impact you and your business?

2. Legal aspect of owning a business

3. How to hire and retain the best?

4. EIN#, permit and license – when and how to maintain them? (Spanish)

5. Social media marketing for business

Immigrant Champion Award Renamed to the Karen Evans Award

Karen Louse Evans

Karen Evans was born on November 28th. 1939, in Des Moines, Iowa. She graduated from Des Moines Tech. High School in June 1958. While Karen received her education she was active in church and school actives. In 1959, Karen married her husband Neal Evans. They located in San Diego, California. One achievement Karen accomplished during those years she helped organized, home based, Women Bible Study Groups in the community. Job related moves took Karen, Neal and children (Wade & Wanda) to places such as Indianapolis, IN, Akron, HO. Chicago, IL. Returning to Iowa in 1991.

Since retuning to Iowa Karen became politically active. She first worked for Senator Grassley’s 1992 Senate Campaign for reelection. Then Gregg Ganske’s 1994 Campaign for the US House of Representatives. Also assisted in Ganske’s 1996 reelection and Grassley’s 1998 reelection campaigns.


Through the experiences in California, the Evans family developed a love for Mexican Food. So one of the goals in each relocation was to find Good Mexican Food. That quest led us to Tequila Restaurante and Cantina. There Karen met Antonio and May Soto, the owners of the Restaurant, and made a very close and lasting friendship. Through out Karen’s life, she encouraged several Mexican families to obtain their legal status in the U.S.  For instance, would share her home with the immigrant; walk them through the application process; and patiently explain the procedures to them. Among the first, Karla Deleon, a Mexican waitress working at Tequila Restaurant, stood out. Karen encountered Karla while visiting Tequila. Karla is a very hard worker and is an asset to the Restaurant.

Karla expressed her dream of becoming a U.S. Citizen, but was unsure about the process. After an in-depth conversation with Karla, Karen decided to step in. Karen worked with Karla through out all of the necessary steps to complete the application and then assisted Karla in the educational details necessary to pass the exam. With Karen’s relentless backstage assistance, Karla finally made her dream come true. Currently Karla is the mother of 3 children. Karla, her husband, Nicolas and family are living the American Dream. “Karen was like my other mom,” Karla said. “She was gifted,” Neal, her husband, explained in one of the interviews “Karen had the ability to identify what others’ true needs were.” Karen never would step out in front of the room, but always worked hard encouraging and exhorting  to bring out the best in everyone she encountered.

Karen embodied the love and sprit of  regular folks here in the U.S. to folks who are new to this country. To see them prosper was her joy. Karen was a God loving individual and saw people of all nations as through the eyes of God.


Even with the great growth and success since the inaugural Immigrant Entrepreneurs Summit (IES) in 2008, the IES Board and planning committee are poised to surpass previous Summits with more preparation and a high level of enthusiasm.

“The IES has resulted in direct business growth not only to the local community but to respective communities of participants who have attended previous Immigrant Entrepreneurs Summit events,” says Benjamin Jung, IES Board Member and planning committee team volunteer.

Since 2008 the IES has resulted in 172 new immigrant businesses established with the 2010 Summit producing half of that number alone.  Each year the Summit has brought together existing immigrant business owners with mainstream business vendors representing various sectors of the economy from tax and financial planning to insurance and legal services.

In addition to showcasing the achievement of existing business owners, attendees of the Summit have the opportunity to attend a series of business and educational workshops.  The seminars with 15 different topics provide Summit participants the opportunity to improve necessary skills for their unique set of circumstances in preparation to become an entrepreneur.

Included as part of the Summit experience is a lunch-ceremony which is moving and inspirational to all those in attendance.  The ceremony provides the chance to spotlight individuals who embody and make possible the immigrant entrepreneur experience.  For example, past award recipients have included immigrant business owners from a successful wine and spirits retailer and a publisher of a Spanish-language newspaper.  Honors are given to recipients of the Immigrant Entrepreneur Leadership Award, Immigrant Champion Award, Outstanding Immigrant Business Award and the Immigrant Spirit Award.

For the 2010 Summit, more than 425 attended the annual event, an increase of 75 over the previous year and an even bigger increase since 2008. As predicted in last year’s ‘Let’s grow together’ moniker, the 2010 IES has proven that the summit has in fact grown together over the past years.  The 2011 IES Summit promises to remain on that path of growth and show great success this November.