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Avoiding a Lawsuit: Tips to Avoid Costly Legal Mistakes
Kimberly Baer, Attorney at Law, owner of Kimberly Baer Law Firm
There are a multitude of legal issues to think about when it comes to starting your business. Everything from your business name to its structure to its operation has legal implications. State and local laws are very specific when it comes to how a business operates. In today’s seminar Kim will help you navigate these legal issues and familiarize you to the importance of each issue. A must see seminar for anyone considering opening a business.

How to Use Your Immigrant Advantage
Foulis Peacock, Founder of IMMENTREPRENEUR Network
For the first generation immigrants, many aspects of doing business in the U.S. are very different than in the home country. It took me a while to realize that I had an edge that many immigrants share. I call it Your Immigrant Advantage. Because I was new to this country and getting to know it for the first time, I realized I could see opportunities that Americans might overlook. This course is designed to help you realize the treasure of being an immigrant. It helps to broaden your view and discover bright new ideas for your business.

State Resources for Small Businesses
Lori Young, Sherry Timmins, and Meredith Marshall – Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA)

If you’re considering starting a business, you are about to begin one of the most rewarding experiences of your life – and definitely one of the most challenging. Whether this is your first time or you’re a “serial entrepreneur”, Iowa is a great place to begin. In today’s seminar this trio of experts from IEDA will be highlighting the many state of Iowa resources for small business start-ups or existing businesses positioned to grow. You’re sure to learn something you didn’t know!

Dos and Don’ts of Owning a Business
Carlos Rios, Executive Director of Immigrant Rights Network of Iowa
Amelia Lobo, Director of Iowa Foundation for Microenterprise & Community Vitality, Women’s Business Center

To Start a Business, there are many problems on the way. From past experience, Business owners would come into my office and tell me stories about how difficult it is to run a business. This seminar will summarize problems in all aspects for you. By learning from the past, you may avoid a lot of unnecessary costs. Regardless you are an entrepreneur or have already owned a business, you would not run into these problems again as you walk out of this seminar.

Business Secret Sharing: How I Built La Quercia?
Herb and Kathy Eckhouse

The Eckhouse’s will share their experience on starting a manufacturing company from scratch. The wildly held perception that U.S. manufacturing is dead is false! Small to medium sized businesses are consistently profitable and are very competitive in international markets. This seminar will answer some key questions like: How can I create a compelling value proposition? Where can I find startup capital today? The Eckhouse’s will also share some useful tips for entrepreneurs specifically looking to thrive in food production related business.


Import & Export: Sell Your Products on Global Market
Kathy Hill, Team Leader, International Trade Office, Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA)

Learn how to take your business to the next level. Share ideas, resources and much more to help your business grow in Iowa and expand internationally. Explore the five W’s of international expansion: Why go global? What to do? When to start? Where to start? Whom to contact? What plan do you need to have?

Protect Your Family & Business Today and Create More Spendable Wealth for
Patrick Marks, Executive Vice President of National Investors

Whether your business is a sole proprietorship, partnership or a corporation, if you do not know how to manage your finances, it is destined for failure. Similarly, mismanagement of your personal funds can lead to bankruptcy. How you manage your business and personal finances can result in a positive or negative impact. To accomplish financial stability, you must know how to manage your funds. Some principles like keeping enough cash flows in your account will help you success in the business world.

Scale Faster: Demystifying Cloud Computing for Your Small Business
Doug Mitchell, CEO of PC Central

Small businesses have enough to worry about. An owner’s focus should be on creating value and scaling the business…NOT worrying about a computer network, email, and back up. This talk will be 100% oriented toward the businessperson who wants to free their time to succeed and is not a technical session. We’ll lave lots of open QA time at the end of this interactive session.

Necessary Taxes, Licenses and Permits…Step By Step Instruction When Opening a Business
Song Mo, Manager of Community CPA & Association

Government regulation is a significant cost of doing business. All businesses must comply with a number of basic license requirements and tax obligations. A wide variety of other licenses and permits must be obtained depending on the types of business activities you are engaged in. If you are starting a business this is a great seminar to gain valuable information and insight into just what those obligations are.

How to Improve Your Chances for a Business Loan
Robert Reinard, Vice President of Bankers Trust

Whether you’re applying for a business loan or a personal loan, there are common mistakes that can hinder the process. Today’s banking world is ever changing and this seminar will give you the tools to qualify for a loan. Rob will take you through the application process and give you the perspective through the banker’s eyes and increase the likelihood that your load will be approved.


How to Accelerate Legal Immigration Status through Businesses?
Lori Chesser, Attorney from Brown’s Law Firm
Do you want to get green card for yourself or your family members? You may be able to sponsor yourself or your relatives through your own business. Lori will share with you the immigration process and requirements of sponsorship through business – what is and is not possible. Lori has 20 years of experience and can help you discover if the immigration laws can work for you.

How to Sell Anything & Everything
Gregg Johnson, Professor in Business Administration at AIB College

Selling makes the difference between business success and failure. Set yourself apart by learning how to sell your products, services and business ideas. Start, expand and grow your business through the positive power of selling.

Information Technology for Small Business
Anita Messerschmidt, CEO of Embark IT

`Small Businesses’ IT infrastructure are usually organically grown and built off of consumer-class hardware. Network management tools are usually non-existent, documentation is erratic, and redundancy is totally absent. What happens, eventually, is that failures and outages become damaging enough to cause management to demand a better infrastructure. But at what cost? Luckily, you can build a highly reliable network without breaking the bank. This session will teach you how to set up an efficient IT system at a reasonable price.

Market Your Business Quick and Easy
Carlos and Hector Mota, Consultants
Si su negocio es una empresa de tamaño mediano, una pequeña empresa o un negocio ubicado en tu hogar, esta presentación ha sido diseñada para ayudarle a tener éxito! Usted aprenderá no sólo la importancia de la publicidad, sino también las últimas herramientas y técnicas puestas en práctica y que se debe evitar. Si la mercadotecnia /marketing no es lo tuyo? ¡Si Usted no tiene dinero para hacer su publicidad! ¡No hay problema! Participando en este seminario aprenderá como comercializar eficazmente, se les proveerá de herramientas y trucos fáciles. Lo más importante es que usted no necesitará invertir una gran cantidad de dinero. Este seminario le enseñará a cómo promocionar su negocio de manera económica y eficaz.

How to Survive an IRS Audit –An Overview of The Audit Process and How to Prepare
Kristy Maitre, Team organizer at IRS

An audit from the IRS can sometimes be misconstrued to be a personal vendetta against you. This isn’t true and more likely the result of a random, computerized process that checks businesses for compliance with tax rules. Once you get a notice that you are being audited, there’s usually little need for panic. There are certain steps you should follow in the event of an audit and Kristy will take you through the steps today. Learn from a seasoned professional with the IRS and be confident you will be prepared with the best course of action.