Clementine Msengi PhotoImmigrant Entrepreneurs Leadership Award Winner: Clementine Msengi

Clementine came to the U.S from Rwanda as a refugee. The civil war in Rwanda killed most of her family members. When Clementine arrived in the U.S, she spoke three languages but not English. Many people did not think Clementine would survive after knowing she enrolled into Northern Iowa University. Clementine surprised everyone. She managed to overcome the culture and language barrier through her hard works. During her four years in Northern Iowa University, Clementine even participated in many internship opportunities related to her major, public health. She gained many experience through helping poor people in the U.S and Israel. As Clementine graduated from Northern Iowa University, she found the Bright Move Network; a legacy helped many like herself.


Kimberley Baer photoKaren Evans (Immigrant Champion) Award Winner: Kimberly Baer

Kimberly is an experienced lawyer. Kim was born in Iowa, and received her law degree in Washington. After she practiced law for ten years in Chicago, Kim decided to move back to Iowa. Kim is the founder of Baer’s Law Office. Since then, Kim started to help the minority in the community with her expertise in legal system. Among all the cases she won, Kim formed a tight bond with many immigrant communities, especially the Liberian Community. Through Kim’s assistance, one of the Liberians went through a relentless struggle against the insurance company and finally received a compensation of over half a million dollars. It could not be possible without Kim’s determination and a big heart for immigrants.


Liang ChowImmigrant Spirit Award Winner: Liang Chow

Before coming to the U.S, Coach Chow was a world class gymnast who won numerous awards in many competitions. After he immigrated to U.S, Coach Chow found his own space and training facilities. He had trained two Olympic gold metal winners, Shawn Johnson and Gaby Douglas. Presently, gymnasts from all over the world want to be trained by Coach Chow so to fulfill their dreams.




Betty Garcai Tortilleria Sonora Owner Outstanding Business Award Winner: Tortillera Sonora Inc by Betty Garcia & the Barcelo Family

The Barcelo family started very low when they first came to the U.S. from Sonora, México. After they were inspired by many entrepreneurs, the family founded Tortillera Sonora Inc. With their hard works and good ethics, Tortillera Sonora grew from a storefront location to a steel building with a 50-foot-long tortilla production line. Their daily sale reaches 25,000 tortillas per day.